Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Country Bumpkin

We took the girls for a weekend in the country to visit Grammy and Pops. By the end of our trip Elie was really starting to fit right in!

Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?

Elie, that's who! After telling Elie that she could not have another cookie, she came to the conclusion that she would have to get it herself. So, she walked into the kitchen and pulled it right off the counter. The funniest thing is that she didn't even try to hide her disobedience. She flaunted it by coming back to the living room where Josh and I were and eating it right in front of us! Needless to say, Ms. Elie was not very happy when we had to take the cookie away. But that didn't stop her...she wiped her tears and got herself another one!

Our older baby

Elie was never a big fan of the pacifier....until now. She not only wants us to swaddle her, and give her the pacifier, she also wants to go night-night in Ashley's little sleeper.

More Pictures From Our Anniversary Weekend

Pictures of the the town and the condo.

Four Year Anniversary

Josh really went all out this year! Not only did he take me back to our honeymoon spot, but it was a complete surprise. From the plane trip and the mustang rental, to the 3 bedroom luxury condo overlooking the ocean! How great is he?

A Day at the Office

The girls had so much fun at Daddy's office today. Elie answered the phones, Ashley spit up on the floor and they both played with the copier!